The inside of Milltown Heritage Centre

Milltown Heritage Centre

A Heritage Centre is located in the Community Centre on the N17 north of the village, and contains a very interesting and impressive collection of artefacts and heritage memorabilia gathered from the surrounding area and illustrates the ways of life of the people of Milltown over many generations. The collection is quite broad in its focus and contains something of interest to everyone. The Birmingham Telescope probably takes pride of place in the collection and is undoubtedly an item of international significance as John Birmingham the Astronomer to whom it belonged was renowned throughout the world as a brilliant light in astronomy. An equally important collection of small farm tools and hand implements associated with animal husbandry are on display. Also of great interest is a collection of commercial billheads, receipts and advertising posters. This type of material is highly prized by social historians. The Community Centre is managed and operated by a dedicated group of volunteers with a great sense of pride in their place and can be viewed on request.