Mind your health in Milltown

Mind Your Health:  Reflexology – helps to de-stress, improve mood and sleep, release tension, reduce pain, feel a sense of wellbeing.  Merridan Massage – Using Acupressure points and massaging along the meridian/energy pathways releasing blockages and returning the flow of blood achieving total wellness and preventing falling sick easily.  Energy Healing Sessions – relieves pain & discomfort, relaxes and reduces stress, balancing energy in the body – becoming more aware.  Adapts to the client’s needs.  Classes morning and evening in Milltown Day Care Centre.  Mon – beginners exercise + relaxation class, Wed – women’s healing circle, Friday –  meditation, mindfulness body scan, breathwork.  Circuit classes for all levels of fitness coming soon.  For more details, contact Bridget O’Brien 085 -8180017