Quarrymount house on the N17 Milltown.

Quarrymount House

Quarrymount House, situated south of Milltown on the N17, was built in the 1830s by John Bodkin. The family had acquired approximately 2000 acres of land in that area at the start of the 18th century. At that time, they lived in a partly thatched Mansion in nearby Ardnagall. Mr John Bodkin who was an M.P. for Tuam, was supposedly derided by a political rival during a debate in the House of Commons and was told to go home and stop the cows from eating the thatch off his roof. This obviously goaded him as he is reputed to have replied to his antagonist that he would build a mansion, which he subsequently did. This fine house in its original state had a classical stone-cut doorway, which was later removed.

The house was leased to Edward O’Kelly in 1881 for 31 years. By the early 20th century, it was in the hands of the Congested Districts’ Board and passed onto the Land Commission who sold the house and lands to the Gordon family in 1903 who remained there until 1965.

The house then lay unoccupied and in disrepair for a number of years until Henry Gordon sold the house and the property. After that, the property changed hands a number of times, and the Costello family who are the current residents acquired the property in 2000. It has since then been tastefully restored by them.

PLEASE NOTE; The house is in private ownership, but can be seen from the main N17.