Community-led Development (CLD) is the process of working together to create and achieve locally
owned visions and goals. It is an approach that turns traditional “top down” development policy on
its head.

Under CLD, local people take the reins and form a local partnership. It is a planning and
development approach that’s based on a set of core principles that (at a minimum) set vision and
priorities by the people who live in that geographic community, put local voices in the lead, build on
local strengths, collaborate with local authorities and state agencies, and works to achieve a better
community and a shared vision for the Community.
To this end Milltown Community Council have engaged Deirdre Black Associates to work with the
people of the Parish to develop a shared Vision for the Village and surrounding areas.
Do you want to be part of shaping Milltown Parish; Village into the future?

All ideas are welcome.

We hope that the project can encourage village renewal and capitalise on the rural strengths of the

landscape heritage and culture in a way that innovatively stimulates economic activity, ultimately
create jobs and support the sustainable development of the area.

We would like to hear your views on the future of Milltown. By involving everyone in the
development of the Vision, we will protect and enhance Milltown as a great place to live.

Please join us on;

Monday 2 nd March 7.00 – 9.00pm, at Milltown Community Centre
To confirm your attendance or to find out more, please contact
Sinéad at the Community Centre on 087 9172744 or
Or Contact Deirdre Black at or 087 4186962.

We look forward to seeing you on the 2 nd of March 7.00pm sharp.