The River Walk

The Clare River Walk is a wonderful local amenity that gives people a chance to enjoy the river. The River Walk is a great place for seeing birds. The lucky walker might spot a Kingfisher in summer or a Heron, standing aloof and waiting to pounce on its supper. In summer, many wildflowers can also be seen in and around the wetter margins of the river – Yellow Flag Iris, Orchids, Meadowsweet and Purple Loosestrife. Dragonflies and Damselflies particularly like these wet, marshy places and can be seen darting about during the summer months.

Lack Mill on The Milltown River Walk

The Lesser Horseshoe Bat and Soprano Pipistrelle Bat have been recorded in the Milltown area. The Lesser Horseshoe Bat is very rare in Europe and the Irish populations are considered of international significance. Lesser Horseshoe Bats like to hunt in and around woodland and hedgerows, and they roost in the roofs of old houses, outhouses and stables in summer. In winter they tend to hibernate in caves, souterrains and old mines. There are several old ruins and

River Walk from Russelstown Bridge
River Walk from Russelstown Bridge

farm buildings in Milltown including the mill along the River Walk, and Millbrook House, which are potential summer roosts for Lesser Horseshoe Bats. Soprano Pipistrelles are commonly seen at dusk in urban and rural areas flitting about hunting for midges, mosquitoes and small moths. They can be seen in the village and especially along the River Walk in the summer months.

Kayakers are also regularly seen on the Clare River, which has become a popular destination for them. The river in and around Milltown is perfect for kayaking due to the good access points.