The Addergooole Cross outside Addergoole graveyard

The Addergoole Cross

The Addergoole Cross, which was relocated several times, is currently preserved within Addergoole Graveyard in the townland of Carrowntomush [Carranthomas]. This unfinished head of a 12th century granite high cross measuring c.1.4m high bears the robed figure or corpus of the crucified Christ on one face. Christ is depicted with extended arms and his head inclined. Tradition relates that it at one time functioned as a market cross in Conagher townland and was removed by the Augustinian Friars to Addergoole when the markets ceased. Its use as a market cross is possible as it is similar in style to the market cross at Tuam. Its survival as a piece of Romanesque carving is significant and is well worth seeing. It is mounted on the wall in the south-west corner of the graveyard.

A holy water font from the old Abbey is mounted on the wall to the right of the stile entering the graveyard. Numerous Shanballymore sandstone slabs bearing simple incised crosses of early-Christian type are dotted around the graveyard. Also of interest here, are a collection of vernacular concrete hand-made Celtic crosses. These are the work of a local craftsman. These local craftsmen are often forgotten as unlike professional stone cutters they rarely apply their signature to their work. However, in this instance the makers are recognised as the Steed family from the townland of Cloonaghgarve.

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